Aimeric (aimeric) wrote,

Shoppin' Broccoli

Went to church with M&B today. Nice service (I tried to sing harmony, even if I didn't know the tunes), very friendly people, though I was a bit shy. The church has a decent mixture of nationalities, and quite a few expats. Then had lunch at Bikkuri Donkey (got my hamburger with fried egg; I can check that off my list), then did some shopping. I've figured out what I can get L's family for XMas. Basically, one XMas, L's mom got us all tons of white socks...each individually wrapped. (then L accidentally set one on fire, leading L's mom to exclaim, "That's why I got you so many.") The Gift of the Socks has been a long-running family gag. Hence, I'm going to find the most gaudy pairs of socks I can find (of which I've already seen a ton) and buy them for the whole family. I think they'll appreciate it.

Off to the supermarket to pick up sushi and/or sashimi for dinner at home.
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