Aimeric (aimeric) wrote,

Pluggity Plug Plug. Come see our show this weekend!

Gilbert & Sullivan's Patience opens on Sat May 17th, 8PM, and closes after two performances Sun May 18th (2PM, 8PM) at the Graduate School of Business bowl at Stanford. The show has updated the Aesthetic Movement of the 1800's to more modern fads - Fandom and Cosplay. Specifically, the rival schools of poetry are now Star Trek vs Doctor Who. Watch twenty lovesick maidens change their allegiance at the drop of a fez. (see the phrase: "Fickle as a Gilbertian chorus") See their poor Dragoon guard fiances (including myself, the Colonel, who gets an updated patter song in this one) attempt to catch up....extremely badly (the costumes are frickin' brilliant; we broke ourselves laughing uncontrollably the first time we got into them).

Interview with some of the cast, including some song snippets (and a poem):

[Edited to Add]
BTW, we need run crew and ushers (particularly the former). Anyone interested? We have a very minimal set; we may need need a bit of lifting for the platform and stairs and that's it (I think).
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