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Impressions of Tokyo Disney rides, and the park in general.

General: Funny what's in English and what isn't. More on that in individual entries. No Main Street USA. There's something kind of like it, which is much shorter, but branches to the left and right to lead to a couple of sections to the park. No train to ride around the park. The monorail is located outside the park entrance, by the main hotel.

Star Tours: Identical to Disneyland outside (I like the Orlando "Ewok village" aesthetic better, but this is nice), and pretty similar inside. I was curious how the robots in the pre-show entertainment would sound with Japanese inflections. Actually, they sound similar. Seriously, imagine Patrick Warburton speaking words in Japanese, but otherwise using the same cadence and pitch he usually does. The stewardess warning is mostly in Japanese, but they kept a couple of sentences in English, using the original voice. Threepio and Vader just sound...wrong. As for sequences, I got Vader, Kayshkkk (only the 2nd time ever, actually), and Coruscant.

Space Mountain: Similar to Disneyland, but no Dick Dale surf music, just ambient noise. (Forgot to mention, during the Disneysea entry, that the Mysterious Island area has tons of atmospheric sounds on occasion, from the mountain occasionally erupting (and spewing fire) to sounds to work being done by Nemo and company). Although, I think this ride is longer, and turns more in both directions. No warp field before the picture, just a quick, abrupt halt.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Very similar, though some of the early skeleton scenes are out of order or on opposite sides. Davy Jones (no Blackbeard), Barbossa, and Captain Jack are all in English! (Unlike Indiana Jones, which was all in Japanese). Only one drop, and not as much as in Anaheim. Has the Blue Bayou restaurant, New Orleans Square and everything. No Club 33, however.

Monsters Inc Hide-n-Seek: Basically, a non-scoring version of Buzz Lightyear. Shine flashlights on designated areas to expose hiding monsters and explore a storyline which is a sequel to Monsters Inc (Sully's running the company, and the slogan is "It's laughter we're after". Randall returns to wreak havoc if he can).

(Holiday) Haunted Mansion: The outside aesthetic is the Gothic Mansion from the Orlando ride. It's situated at the back of Fantasyland, next to Small World.

Big Thunder Railroad: Pretty similar to Disneyland, but no real drops. (Splash Mountain supposedly is a left-right mirror of Orlando, but considering how the temperature dipped the day I was there, I didn't try it. Wasn't going to get drenched)

(Holiday) Small World: The facade is an odd mix. The outside is similar to Anaheim, with the working clock, etc (and I think it looked more colorful that its partner in the US), but no outside waterway. You go inside the structure to behold a large room with a large mural, and *that*'s where the ride begins. That's actually closer to the Orlando ride, except in Orlando, there is no outside at all (there'a Peter Pan-like overhang saying "Small World", and once you enter, the back of the large room has a 2D cutout mimicking the large clock structure from Anaheim).

The ride itself is pretty similar, though a) no Disney characters inserted into the scenes (hallelujah!), b) Japan was located at its usual spot, c) was there a U section? I don't remember it...neither in the beginning nor at the "all nations merged together" segment. For the holidays, there were decorations in different languages and as befitted the various cultures (what about the Krampus? What about in the Middle East section? And why are all the XMas Caroling books the characters are carrying written in English? During parts of the ride, instead of the Small World theme running through my head, all I could think was, "Do they know it's Christmas?")

Tiki Room: The outside resembles Orlando, with the under-thatched-roof waiting area featuring the extra animatronics, in addition to the usual tiki idols. As for the show: I never got to see the Iago/Zazu refit they did years ago, and I'm glad I never did. This one, though, was interesting (I wonder if they could program it so it could do both shows, alternating. It's have more replay value that way). Instead of having the Tiki Gods getting angry, it's Stitch messing with the performance, all the way through, while the birds freak out and are convinced it's the Tiki Gods - until theend, when Stitch pops up out of the fountain. The mischief he causes includes turning all the fountain birds blue (lighting effect) and screwing with the Hawaiian War Chant (it sounds a lot closer to the Spike Jones version). The narrative, actually, is changed quite a bit, as they start off singing the opening song from Lilo & Stitch, and the 4 main birds are all renamed to Hawaiian names (and one is female)...though the fountain birds retain their names. In the waiting area, one can notice Stitch's footprints in the ceiling, leading to a hole in the thatch where he presumably gets into the machinery. Occasionally, during the performance, you'll hear the patter of his feet on the roof, and instead of the rainstorm, he writes a couple of badly-spelled messages on the windows.

One cool bit about this show: while it's in Japanese, you can request a viewing device which attaches to your wrist and close-captions the show in the language of your choice. I wonder if they could sync it to one's phone in the future?
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